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CNS     Cincinnati Neuro-rehabilitation Services, Inc.      
speech-language pathologists

10133 Springfield Pike, Suite D · Cincinnati, OH  45215 ·  513/821-0110  ·  Fax 513/821-0757



The completion of home assignments is critical to treatment success.  Usually, you will be given materials to complete between sessions.  Parents and family members are encouraged to observe treatment to clarify and help in completing home program assignments.


VitalStim Therapy is an FDA cleared method to promote swallowing through the application of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to the swallowing muscles in conjunction with conventional swallowing exercises, with the goal to strengthen and reeducate the muscular system and improve motor control of the swallowing mechanism.



The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a therapeutic assessment and training program that improves attention, concentration, motor planning and sequencing. Improvements in those areas result in stronger motor control and coordination, enhanced balance and gait, and improved language and cognition.



May include, but are not limited to the following academic content areas:


*Phonemic Awareness (Phonics), Word Recognition & Fluency

*Acquisition of vocabulary

*Reading process: Concepts of print, comprehension strategies and self-monitoring strategies

*Reading applications: Apply reading skills to various types of texts; literary, informational, reference materials, textbooks, etc.


*Writing process (composition)

*Writing applications

*Writing conventions; ie: spelling, punctuation, grammar




*Number, Number Sense and Operations (includes place value, money, computation)

*Measurement (includes length, volume, weight, time)

*Geometry and Spatial Sense

*Patterns, Functions, and Beginning Algebra Concepts

*Data Analysis and Probability

*Mathematical Processes (problem solving)

CNS     Cincinnati Neuro-rehabilitation Services, Inc.      speech-language pathologists

  10133 Springfield Pike, Suite D    ·    Cincinnati, OH  45215    ·     513/821-0110    ·    Fax 513/821-0757


We are located in Woodlawn next to the fire station.  

From Interstate 75 take the Glendale Milford Road Exit #14 toward Woodlawn.  

Go west on Glendale Milford Road to Springfield Pike (1.3 miles).  

Turn left on Springfield Pike, heading south.  

We are located about 0.5 mile south of Glendale Milford Road on the west side of Springfield Pike. 

The building name is JUST FOR KIDS!  

Parking available in the front lot.  Come in the front door
 (follow the signs), make a right (go to far wall), then left to CNS.



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