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10133 Springfield Pike, Suite D · Cincinnati, OH  45215 ·  513/821-0110  ·  Fax 513/821-0757

Scope of Services


Speech-Language Services include, but not limited to, diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic intervention for:


Stroke survivors with speech-language problems such as:

o   Expressive Aphasia

o   Receptive Aphasia

o   Oral/Verbal Apraxia

o   Dysarthria

o   Reading/Writing/Math Deficits

o   Dysphagia (swallowing dysfunction)


Communication problems of such neurological diagnosis as:

o   Cerebral Palsy

o   Parkinsons Disease

o   Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

o   Myasthenia Gravis

o   ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease)

o   Alzheimers Disease


Head injury survivors who need Cognitive Rehabilitation to remediate:

o   Memory/concentration/reduced attention problems

o   Problem solving/organizational skills

o   Dysarthria/apraxia

o   Reading/writing deficits

o   Math skills

o   Dysphagia

o   Community re-entry


Children and adults with:

o   Voice disorders

o   Dysfluency (stuttering)

o   Handicapping regional or foreign dialects

o   A need for augmentative communication systems

o   Swallowing/myofunctional problems

o   Articulation/phonological delays

o   Phonological disorders

o   Language delays 

Specialized Sevices:

o   Interactive Metronome 

o   Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)

o   VitalStim

o   Tutoring - Reading / Language Arts / Math


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